Features of a new furnace

Looking into new furnaces was a surprise. Today’s models have come a long way in just a few short years. At one time, furnaces were only capable of operating at maximum speed. They would blast at peak capacity until reaching the thermostat setting and then shut down completely. This caused a great deal of wear […]

Versatility of a ductless split system

One of the most versatile heating and cooling inventions is the ductless split system. The compact equipment installs quickly and without causing damage or disruption. No major remodeling is required. There’s no need to tear down walls and ceilings or sacrifice valuable space to ductwork. In most situations, the ductless system can be completely installed […]

Air purifiers have a positive impact on the health of the home

There are sources of air pollution in every single room in the house. Regular activities such as showering, cooking and cleaning create issues. The air conditioner and furnace can contribute to contaminants getting introduced and circulated throughout the house. Pesticides, remodeling projects, pressboard furniture, exhaust fumes, pet dander and mold and mildew growth degrade air […]

Importance of furnace maintenance

The manufacturer’s warranty coverage of a forced air furnace requires proof of annual professional maintenance. Otherwise, any repair costs are the responsibility of the homeowner. This is because manufacturers realize that the chance of a problem with operation increases without regular service. It’s recommended to schedule a tune-up for the furnace in the fall, prior […]

Replacing the roof improves energy efficiency of the home

When we first bought the house, my husband and I were aware that the roof was reaching the end of its lifespan. We had hopes of replacing it within a year or two. However, a long list of home repairs and renovations took precedence. The water heater burst and flooded the basement. A corroded pipe […]

High velocity system works for older home

When I bought a historical home, I was delighted with the high ceilings, big windows and hardwood floors. The wide front porch, intricate moldings and broad staircase are gorgeous features. I didn’t realize how difficult the home would be to heat and cool. Because it was constructed in the mid 1800s, the residence lacks conventional […]

Advantages of a geothermal heat pump

A geothermal heat pump is considered to be the most environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling on the current market. These innovations draw from the free and renewable energy provided by the sun. No matter what the weather brings, the underground temperature remains constant. A geothermal unit includes an underground loop system that pulls […]

Happy with window air conditioners

My local area is well-known for the long, snowy, freezing cold winter conditions. We typically start up the furnace sometime during the month of September and keep it running until around Easter or even Mother’s Day. We expect temperatures down to twenty below zero and feet of snow accumulation. The winters are a lot of […]

Importance of ventilation

In my local area, the average year round temperature swings from negative twenty-five to ninety degrees. We surpass the country’s average for rain and snow. We deal with ice storms, blizzards, torrential downpours, high winds, high humidity and brutal windchill. While I enjoy experiencing four distinctive seasons, there are challenges involved with such severe weather. […]

Problems with excess humidity

Moving south was a big change for my husband and I. We were accustomed to sub-zero conditions, an excess of snow accumulation and relying on the furnace for about eight months of the year. We required snow shovels, rock salt and ice scrapers. Our wardrobes consisted mainly of heavy sweaters. We bought a house equipped […]

Zoned heating and cooling saves money

When we upgraded our furnace and air conditioner, I was willing to spend more to upgrade to zone control. I felt that the extra cost was worth it and would be recovered by significant energy savings. The ductwork now includes a series of dampers that direct airflow to specific rooms of the house. The dampers […]