One of the most versatile heating and cooling inventions is the ductless split system.

The compact equipment installs quickly and without causing damage or disruption.

No major remodeling is required. There’s no need to tear down walls and ceilings or sacrifice valuable space to ductwork. In most situations, the ductless system can be completely installed in an afternoon. It requires little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity. There is a single outdoor compressor that is not overly large and makes very little operation noise. It connects to up to eight indoor air handlers by way of a conduit that houses the refrigerant line, condensate drain and electrical wiring. The extensive lengths of the conduit allow freedom of location for the air handlers. The air handlers are lightweight, offer a slim profile and can be mounted up high on the wall, down near the floor or even into a dropped ceiling. Each air handler features an independent thermostat. Ductless systems are the epitome of zone control. Every air handler targets a single room and caters to requirements, preferences and occupancy, providing exceptional potential for energy savings. There are ductless air conditioners for strictly cooling and heat pumps that combine heating and cooling capacity. The air handler is operated by way of a cordless remote or through an app on the smartphone. It uses inverter technology to move heat energy between the indoors and outdoors. There is no combustion process and far less energy waste than with more conventional options. Ductless split systems are especially quiet, clean and energy efficient. They work well for additions, remodeling projects, man-caves, work sheds and both residential and commercial applications.

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