Moving south was a big change for my husband and I.

We were accustomed to sub-zero conditions, an excess of snow accumulation and relying on the furnace for about eight months of the year.

We required snow shovels, rock salt and ice scrapers. Our wardrobes consisted mainly of heavy sweaters. We bought a house equipped with central air conditioning and no heating system. The temperature in our new location frequently soars into the triple digits. Our utility bills are still a concern but for opposite reasons. Instead of running the furnace for the majority of the year, we depend on the air conditioner. Up north, we had problems with overly dry air and needed to operate a whole-home humidifier. The first summer we spent in our new home, we kept lowering the thermostat and struggling with an unpleasant sticky feeling. There was condensate running down the windows and concerns with mold and mildew growth. I finally realized that we needed to install a whole-house dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture. The air conditioner is designed to remove heat from the air, not humidity. The dehumidifier allows us to adjust humidity percentages to our preference. The air feels cooler at higher temperatures and allows us to raise the thermostat setting. There’s less demand on the air conditioner, and we’ve considerably lowered our monthly expenses. Because of the dehumidifier the cooling unit should last longer. Plus, we have fewer complaints with sneezing, coughing and headaches. We feel more productive during the day and sleep better at night. The dehumidifier was a good investment that requires only yearly service and operates quietly.
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