When we upgraded our furnace and air conditioner, I was willing to spend more to upgrade to zone control.

I felt that the extra cost was worth it and would be recovered by significant energy savings.

The ductwork now includes a series of dampers that direct airflow to specific rooms of the house. The dampers are electronically controlled by the thermostat to open and close to achieve ideal comfort. Zoning is more efficient than simply shutting off the air vents in each because the dampers provide a better seal. There are individual thermostats in each room that allow customized settings. Raising or lowering the temperature setting in a single room no longer affects the whole house. We aren’t forced to heat or cool empty areas to the ideal temperature. Each family member can customize the temperature in their bedroom to their preference. We’re able to target those rooms that tend to feel overheated or chilly. It’s especially nice to have smart thermostats that are accessible from our smartphones. Whether we’re at home, at work or away on vacation, it’s extremely easy to make changes to temperature. Along with conserving energy, zone control improves comfort, trims costs and reduces wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner. I’m hoping the heating and cooling equipment will be more reliable and last longer. The new zoning system is especially helpful because each family member has very strong opinions on the temperature of their bedrooms. Plus, we have a large home that is divided into numerous rooms, many that we rarely or never use.



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